Jag älskar dig, idag imorgon, föralltid!

Publicerat: 2014-02-12 Kl: 18:05:00 | I kategori: Mig/frågor&svar

I would bet my life, like I bet my heart
That you were the one, baby
I've never been so sure of anything before
It's driving my heart crazy

Darling, look at me
I've fallen like a fool for you
Darling, can't you see
I'd do anything you want me to

I tell myself I'm in to deep
Then I fall a little farther
Every time you look at me

How do you do that, babe?
Make me feel like I'm the only girl alive for you
I don't know what it is that makes me fall like this
First time in your arms, I knew
I love you.
Postat av: Sofie - Mamma till 2

sv: åh taack :D Jag köpte den på ebay för 160 kr :D SOOOM HITTAT ;D Kram

2014-02-13 @ 21:13:07
URL: http://sofieeklund.vimedbarn.se

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